Modular Packages


A modular wellsite package is an integrated skid-based unit containing all wellsite equipment and components required between the X-mas tree and the main flow line. Depending on the customer requirements this could include Choke valve, HIPPS system, flowline and associated instruments, chemical injection system, wellhead control panels, PLC/SCADA systems, communication systems, sampling units, fire & gas control system, solar power system, etc.


Pressure Reduction Stations

Pressure Reduction Stations are modular packages that are used to reduce the pressure generated in multiple stages. These are designed, assembled, and fully tested for a wide range of pipeline applications. The whole system comprises of piping, pressure-reducing valves, local control panel, instruments, tubing, and filtration integrated in a single skid.

N2 Generator System

The nitrogen generator system uses innovative and highly efficient nitrogen membranes. These membranes require 10-40% less compressed air than other systems available in the market. A purity of 99% or more of nitrogen can be achieved with membrane technology. It either requires an optimized skid-mounted or containerized installation. The system is lightweight, portable completely piped and wired. Veetech Automation offers N2 generator system as a turn-key solution meeting stringent requirements of customers.

Lube Oil Systems

The lube oil systems are custom designed and engineered to meet the lubrication needs of turbines, compressors, and oil engines complying with API 614, API 611, API 610, API 618 standards and according to the standards of the manufacturer.

Dry Gas Seal Panels

Dry gas seals are an integral part of modern centrifugal compressors. The use of dry gas seals requires a system designed to supply sealing gas to the seal as a sealing and working fluid for the running gap. The dry gas seal panel is one of the most significant parts of a dry gas seal system. It is designed and engineered in line with API 692 standard. Dry gas Seal Panels are assembled and tested according to the inputs & requirements from the compressor OEMs.

Chemical Injection Packages
Wellhead Control Panels, Valve Control System & Hydraulic Power Units
Engineered Solutions